Tanshu Vaidik

Tanshu vaidik india pvt.ltd. is a technology driven, multi product company, based in the historic city panipat (haryana) the “hub of home furnishing textile ”,famous in india by the name of city of weavers or better known as city of handloom. We are a professionally managed company offering a ONE STOP solution to your need for quality and reliability, We offer a wide range of home furnishing textile material,manufacturing articles of quality home décor, right from conceptualized customized designing,  finishing and final dispatch.

We are the manufacturer and exporter, supplier of jute, cotton,sea grass, polypropylene, recycled chindi rugs,mats,baskets and planters,bags,cushions,slippers,bathmats,bath rugs, anti slip mats, carpets, indian rug (chindi dhurries-reused cotton), bedside mats, pet mats,pet beds and other pet utilities,in different sizes,designs,colors and weights.Our products are designed carefully to meet modern customers requirement. Our entire collection of furnishings is cost-effective and ideal for a gifting purpose. We have numerous designs, sizes, and patterns of furnishings, made to satisfy wants of modern customers. We have a skilled and large team of professionals,which handles designing,development,delivery and related tasks with efficiency. We have our own manufacturing units and showroom. Our core strength is focusing on product development and design supported with in-house facilities from weaving to finish.key to our success is that we bring the latest trends in the markets coupled with our in-depth study and shopping to create a product for a particular brand and to bring a latest trend in the ever-changing fashion world. Our extensive experience and personalization capabilities helps us to provide the custom design you need to help connect with your customers on the most meaningful level.

We have a Team of experienced artisans who are the real craftsmen in the trade. They are masters at custom handicraft and fully understand the meaning of quality work and we believe in sustainable growth.

Our Mission

To establish Tanshu Vaidik India pvt. ltd. as an industry leader and a pioneer through developing innovative products, high standards of quality and technological excellence, strong customer focus and a global distribution network, empowered employees, a commitment to the environment and commitment to the maintenance of the highest standards of ethics.
To Engage Profitably
By providing the highest value to our customers through personal engagement
and innovation.

To Engage Responsibly
By attaining the highest levels of efficiency, honesty and integrity in our daily

To Engage Effectively
By consistent reflection and improvements in manufacturing and customer service.

Our Vision

1. Trust and credibility
2. Superior quality
3. Product innovation
4. Respect for each other and the environment
5. Community service
6. Timely delivery
7. Constant and consistent learning


Our Guiding Principles

We, at Tanshu Vaidik India pvt.ltd. believe that our client success is paramount and  we make every endeavour to contribute to this outcome. By working with and sharing knowledge with our customers and building lasting relationships we help ensure progress that is enduring and synergistic. We maintain our need in our organisation heritage, while also being committed towards changing with the times. As a pioneer developer of innovative products, we are committed to being an innovative leader in the industry. We focus on creating designs that are forward thinking with fashion and on crafting and use materials for the modern lifestyle. Our employees are our biggest growth drivers and we ensure that we provide a safe and positive work environment for them. We aim for continuous employee development by setting and following best practices in Human Resource Management. Our employees also undergo various skill development programs and participate in numerous social events to help build a camaraderie that holds the organisation in good stead. Tanshu Vaidik India Pvt. Ltd. respects each employee as an individual and strives to bring in a sense of shared community in the organisational environment. At Tanshu Vaidik India pvt. ltd., we believe in giving back to the community to reciprocate for the benefits that we have accrued as an organisation. Amongst the numerous initiatives that we have undertaken, we believe in placing a strong emphasis on contributing to the growth of the textile industry in India.

Furthermore, we believe that we also contribute towards building a young and dynamic leadership base for our country’s future.